How to Troubleshoot a Jeep Grand Cherokee Radio CD Player

by Patrick Nelson
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Jeep Grand Cherokee models include radio and compact disc (CD) players of differing specifications. The simplest, the Media Center 130, is an AM/FM stereo radio with CD player and MP3 jack. More elaborate systems have iPhone connections, DVD (Digital Video Disc) HD (High Definition) radio, navigation and satellite radio capability. Troubleshooting the Jeep Grand Cherokee Radio CD Player can be accomplished by following some basic steps.

Step 1

Turn the ignition key to the "ACC" position if the Jeep Grand Cherokee Radio CD Player won't turn on. "ACC" is an abbreviation for Accessory and allows the radio to power up.

Step 2

Insert one 4-3/4-inch standard disc into the slot if you encounter problems playing or ejecting discs. The CD player only plays normal sized discs--it won't play custom shapes or sizes. The player is also a single disc player only.

Step 3

Carefully remove any stuck paper with tweezers if labels tear and get stuck in the mechanism. Avoid using paper labels on home-made discs in the future.

Step 4

Play compatible discs. The player can play compact discs, recordable compact discs (CD-R), rewritable compact discs (CD-RW), compact discs with MP3 tracks and multisession compact discs with CD and MP3 tracks. File systems are restricted to 8 folder levels and a maximum of 255 files. Large numbers of files and folders can cause the player to display numbers instead of file names.

Step 5

Turn the electronic volume control if the volume is too low or too high. The control is unlike older car radio controls in that it turns 360 degrees in either direction without stopping. This functionality is normal.

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