Ford CD Player Problems

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All new Ford vehicles are equipped with standard CD players, which play an important part in keeping many drivers entertained, and add to comfort while on the road. Having good background music can improve your disposition during an otherwise aggravating car ride, and so problems with CD players can prove to be quite annoying. Unfortunately, Ford CD players are not immune to problems.


There have been complaints among Ford owners about the stock CD player consistently jamming, where the player indicates there's no disc inside even if you just inserted one, and has difficulty ejecting the disc. Another major problem with the CD player is when it ejects a compact disc because it cannot read the contents even though it is a standard compact disc. There are also issues with 6-CD systems, the most common of which being when all 6-CD slots are filled, yet the player indicates there's no disc and a code error shows up.


There are two main causes of CD jamming in Ford CD players. The first is when the player gets a hard shake while the vehicle is running, such as when driving over humps and poorly paved roads. The other reason for jamming is when owners try to play CD-Rs. According to Ford, there are certain CD-Rs that have an incomplete file makeup which cannot be fully read by the player's lenses. As a result of this, an error is displayed.


When you turn on your Ford CD player and the display states an error code and then asks for a key code, you should enter the corresponding key code provided in the vehicle owner's manual. Entering the code resets the player's computer system and ejects CDs remaining inside the slots. You may also manually open the player by unscrewing the top cover and removing the discs stuck inside. When you hear your player make noises while it is being powered up, don't worry. The noise comes from the process of checking to see if there are CDs inside the slots. This is perfectly normal.


CD player power fluctuations can be repaired by rethreading the power cables located underneath the player connecting to the battery. Broken cables have to be replaced with new ones to avoid electrocution and further power statics. Standard Ford CD players can be quite expensive; if you think it's time to replace your broken CD player, you may consider replacing it with a compatible third-party CD player instead.


To ensure that your Ford CD player works best at all times, it is important to clean the player's lenses with the Ford recommended lens cleaners. Also, since Ford CD players are known for their CD-R incompatibility, don't insert CD-Rs in the slots, to avoid a stuck disc. This will protect your player from jamming issues and lens problems that may lead to permanent damage.

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