The DVD Player in My Cadillac Escalade Won't Play

by Patrick Nelson
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Watching a video while driving is considered unsafe, and the DVD player in an Escalade has built-in safeguards to prevent you doing it. The rear-seat screens aren't subject to this issue, so they should play when moving. Because of space-constraints on the dashboard, the DVD controls are shared with the infotainment system. This can be another cause of the DVD not playing.

Step 1

Look on the Infotainment panel for a "CD Screen" button if the DVD controls won't show. The Infotainment system is the large, display-type panel in the center of the dashboard and is shared with the navigation system and other controls --- the DVD player being one of them. Pressing the button will display DVD controls, which will allow you to play DVD's.

Step 2

Move the gear shift lever into "Park" if the DVD won't play on the front screen. For road-safety, the DVD won't play there when the Escalade is moving.

Step 3

Check the DVD case's region code if the DVD won't play. For copy protection, and territory licensing reasons, DVDs can only be played where they are licensed. Cadillac Escalades made in the United States only play Region 1 DVDs.

Step 4

Let the DVD cool down if it has been in the sun. Remove the disc from direct sun for a few moments and try it again.

Step 5

Look at the screen for error messages. A generic "Disk Read Error" can indicate file issues. It's possible that the DVD player won't play the format in which you've recorded the disc. Cadillac's DVD player used in the Escalade can play DVD-Video, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW discs.

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