How to Update Car Navigation Systems

by Helen Jain
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Car navigation systems are systems in the vehicle that provide maps and directions for the driver. Electronic navigation systems are typically called a GPS, otherwise known as a Global Positioning Satellite. The GPS is an electronic device that determines where the driver is located and how to get to their ultimate destination. Drivers can set the GPS to a map as well. While the system is useful, construction and new roads require updating the software to obtain the latest information and maps.

Step 1

Allow the automatic updates. Some GPS systems have automatic map updates available that are released periodically. When these are available, the GPS will prompt the user and the user needs to allow the system to access the updated material.

Step 2

Purchase the newest map discs. Navigation system updates are released in the form of a map disc periodically throughout the year. This gives the most updated information available for the driver.

Step 3

Load the map discs into the GPS. The exact loading options will vary depending on the model. Refer to the instruction manual for the navigation system for loading specifics. Most require inserting the disc and selecting the OK button when prompted by the system.

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