How to Change Japanese Car Navigation Into English

by Aram Khayatpour
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by Daveiam

Though navigation systems are a very convenient addition to any car, if they are set to the wrong language they are rendered useless. Oftentimes factory or aftermarket systems, many of which are made in Japan, may come set to Japanese instead of English. This can be a simple fix in some cars, but in others it may require the purchase of extra software or professional servicing.

Step 1

Turn off your car and turn it on looking for a button that says "English." Some cars will have an option to change language as soon as the car is turned on.

Step 2

Look for a button around the touch screen marked "Language" or "LANG." Press this button and then press the button for "English" on the touch screen.

Step 3

Check to see if your navigation system is a GPS system or a DVD system. If the system is a DVD system, you may have to call the company and purchase an English language disc. These can cost upwards of $150.

Step 4

Take your car into a dealership that services your model of car. Many times they will be able to reprogram the computer for free, though some systems require more work and may be costly to change.

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