How to Change the Time in a Ford Escape

by Justin Cupler

The Ford Escape's sporty design and number of options set it apart from other compact crossover SUVs in its class. This helps explain its massive success in a segment that is filled to the brim with choices. The 2014 Escape has a handful of audio systems available, including ones with or without MyFord Touch. Changing the clock on all models without MyFord Touch is the same process, but the position of the buttons may vary. The MyFord Touch system has its own process that uses the touchscreen instead of buttons to set the clock.

Non-MyFord Touch Audio Systems

Turn the Escape's ignition on. Press and release the "Clock" button on the audio system head unit -- the button with the image of a clock on it -- to access the clock-setting program. Push the up or down arrow key to set the hour. Press the left or right arrow key to move to the minute setting. Change the minute setting by pressing the up or down arrows until the clock displays the correct minutes. Press the "Ok" button to accept the clock setting you inputted.

MyFord Touch System

Turn the Escape's ignition on. Press the clock display on the top of the MyFord Touch display. This brings you into the clock-adjustment program. Press the "+" or "-" keys on the left of the screen to adjust the hours of the clock and those on the right to adjust the minutes. Press the "AM" or "PM" keys to choose the correct setting. Press the "Home" button -- the one shaped like a house on the bottom of the page -- to return to the main screen.

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