How to Reset the 2002 Ford Explorer XLT After an Oil Change

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The 2002 Ford Explorer XLT model comes with Ford's oil monitoring system. The screen next to the odometer displays a "Change Oil" warning when it's time to change the Explorer's oil. According to the owner's manual, you can expect the light to appear approximately once every 5,000 miles or 180 days. Bring the Explorer to a service center and have a professional change the oil, or change it yourself, and then reset the oil monitoring system.

Step 1

Crank the Explorer's engine or turn the key to the "ACC" ignition position. Push the "Setup" button to the right of the steering wheel. This brings you to the system check screen.

Step 2

Push "Reset." The screen will show "Oil Life - Hold Reset New"

Step 3

Press and hold "Reset" for two seconds. Now the screen will say "Hold Reset If New Oil."

Step 4

Press and hold "Reset" again until the screen flashes. The oil life percentage resets to 100 percent. Turn off the engine and remove the key.

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