How to Restore Factory Settings on a Nissan Altima

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The Nissan Altima comes with a vehicle personalization system. This system is built into the instrument cluster. Some of the options include the ability to change the car's display language and the miles per gallon rating display output. If you have tweaked the settings, and do not like the result, you can simply restore the Nissan Altima's factory settings through the vehicle personalization system.

Step 1

Crank the Altima's engine, or turn the key to "On," "Run" or "Acc."

Step 2

Locate and push the information button between the steering wheel and the instrument cluster. The button's icon is a square. Push it repeatedly until the display screen shows "Reset."

Step 3

Push the circle button next to the square button until "Reset" is highlighted on the display.

Step 4

Push the square button to select "Reset." Push it again to confirm. The factory settings are now restored.

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