How to Reset the Language on a 2003 Tahoe

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe is equipped with a driver's information center. This center consists of a selection menu in your odometer and controls on either side of your steering wheel. One of the options for the information center is the display language. The Tahoe is available in English, Spanish or French. If someone has set the language to one that you aren't familiar with, you can simply reset the display language by selecting the desired language from the menu.

Step 1

Push the "Personalization" button on the right side of your Tahoe's steering wheel. This button is not labeled with text; it shows an icon of a sheet of paper. Press the button several times, until "Display Language" appears in the odometer.

Step 2

Push the "Select" button several times to browse through the available languages. The "Select" button shows an icon of a left-facing arrow.

Step 3

Stop pressing "Select" when the desired language is shown. For example, if you wanted to reset the language to "English," stop on "English."

Step 4

Push the "Personalization" button once to select the displayed language. This returns the odometer to the standard viewing mode. Your language is now reset to English.

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