How to Install a Navigation DVD Update on a Toyota

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Available as an optional component in most of its vehicles, Toyota offers users the option of installing a DVD Navigation system in the dash of a new vehicle. A DVD Navigation system allows owners to use the system to direct them to manually imputed points of interest around the country. The DVD component also allows for DVD movies to be played using the LCD screen and the speakers of the car.

Step 1

Navigate to the "Toyota Navigation Maps Updates" website using a web browser. Click the "Get A Map" option on the home screen.

Step 2

Select the make and model of your vehicle from the available options on-screen. Select the type of DVD Navigation system that was installed in the vehicle before it was purchased on the next screen. Enter the part number for the type of system that was used into the box in the next window. You can find this information in your Toyota User's Manual.

Step 3

Enter in your contact information and address in the corresponding fields in the form on the next page. Toyota will send you a DVD that will have the update on the disc. Once the disc arrives, place the DVD into the DVD drive in the vehicle and allow the system to update.

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