How to Replace a Rear Windshield Wiper on a KIA Sportage

by Tara Kimball
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You should replace the wiper blades on your Kia Sportage at least once a year, including the rear window wiper. Inspect it regularly for signs of damage, and replace it sooner if it is dry or cracked. Without properly functioning wiper blades, you may have reduced visibility in bad weather. The Kia Sportage uses a 16-inch wiper blade on the rear window. Buy replacement wiper blades from an auto parts store.

Step 1

Raise the wiper arm on the rear window of your Sportage. Flip the wiper blade backward to make it easier to access.

Step 2

Press in on the retaining clip on the inside of the wiper arm hook. Pull the wiper blade down off the wiper arm.

Step 3

Insert the center of the new wiper blade into the wiper arm. The wiper arm on your Sportage will click when the blade locks into place. Pull on the blade gently to be sure it is secure.

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