How to Remove the Headliner on a Ford Escape

by Alibaster Smith
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Your Ford Escape's headliner provides an aesthetic touch to the inside of the passenger cabin. The headliner itself rarely needs to be replaced. But if you get a tear in it, or it becomes damaged somehow, you'll need to buy a replacement headliner from a Ford dealership. Alternatively, try to purchase a replacement headliner from an auto parts store. The headliner in the Escape is held in place with the interior molding and trim pieces, as well as glue. You'll need a special tool, called a trim removal tool, to remove the headliner. This tool is available at any auto parts store.

Step 1

Pry the center dome light cover off the dome light.

Step 2

Unscrew the retaining screws in the dome light fixture and pull the dome light down.

Step 3

Unplug the electrical connector from the back of the dome light fixture.

Step 4

Wedge the trim removal tool underneath the headliner trim.

Step 5

Pry the headliner trim off the headliner. It's held in place with retaining clips, so you may need to pry pretty hard to remove it.

Step 6

Wedge the trim removal tool under the headliner and pry the headliner off the roof of the Escape.

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