How to Install a SunPass Sticker

by Rebekah Martin
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The state of Florida has toll roads that crisscross east to west, north to south. Although you still pay with cash, many residents use a SunPass to zip through without stopping. The SunPass uses radio transmissions as it goes through the toll booths; your SunPass is charged a reduced toll which you can pay with your credit card. There is a large transponder that can be moved from car to car within the family, or you can get a smaller sticker that must stay in one car.

Step 1

Clean the inside of the windshield with window cleaner. Be sure to dry the glass completely.

Step 2

Peel the paper covering the sticky part of the SunPass off. Be careful not to let the sticky part touch anything else.

Step 3

Place the SunPass on the windshield, at least two inches below the top. It should be directly to the left or right of the rear view mirror.

Press the SunPass in place firmly.

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