How to Engage the 4-Wheel Drive in a 2005 Honda Pilot

by Michael J. Scott
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The 2005 Honda Pilot uses a high-tech, four-wheel drive (4WD) system known as VTM-4. The VTM-4 system will automatically transfer power to your rear wheels in lower traction conditions. Depending on how low the traction is, however, you may need more power to your rear wheels than the VTM-4 system will automatically provide. In that case, you can manually engage and lock the VTM-4 system, providing even more power to get you out of tough situations.

Step 1

Stop the car but keep the engine running. To engage the VTM-4 system manually, the car must not be moving.

Step 2

Move your gear shift lever to either the first, second or reverse gears.

Step 3

Press the VTM-4 button, located to the left of the stereo. An indicator light on the dashboard will light up, showing VTM-4 is active.

Step 4

Press the VTM-4 button a second time to disengage it when you no longer need four-wheel drive.

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