What Does the BCM Do in My Cadillac?

by Nanette Delaney Burton

First introduced on the 1985 C-body Cadillac, the body control module (BCM) has been used on Cadillac systems ever since. The BCM interacts and exchanges information with the powertrain control module (PCM) and is a smaller version (with all the same parts) of the engine computer, but responsible for controlling different functions.

Climate Control

The body control module is responsible for controlling the climate in a Cadillac. The electronic climate control -- air conditioning (A/C) unit - and the cooling fans that draw air through the A/C condenser and radiator are functions of the BCM.

Power Features

The Cadillac's power windows, sunroof and trunk release are also functions controlled by the body control module.

Information Display Panel

When driving a Cadillac, drivers are displayed information on the information display panel, which adjusts for visual clarity under different driving conditions, controlled by the BCM.

Self-Monitoring for Faults

A major function of the BCM system is the ability to monitor itself, providing fault codes when faults are found. In some cases, the BCM uses this information to provide fail-safe measures to compensate for system failure.

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