How to Remove a Door Panel on a Geo

by Nichole Liandi

If you're not used to removing trim panels from a car, like a Geo, taking off the door panel might look complicated. But if you have some basic tools and a little time it is definitely a job you can do. With the door panel removed, you can change a speaker or put a window back on track, and maybe save some money along the way.

Step 1

Roll down the window on the door you'll be working on.

Step 2

Insert the edge of a panel tool behind the edge of the sail panel at the front upper edge of the door and pry the panel off.

Step 3

Pry out two small plastic round screw covers in the the door handle. Unscrew the screws located underneath the covers with a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 4

Unscrew the Phillips screw located in the trim surrounding the door release handle.

Step 5

Insert a screwdriver blade behind the window crank and pry out the C-clip that holds the crank on. Remove the crank handle.

Step 6

Pry around the sides and bottom edge of the door panel with a panel tool. When the panel is loose, lift it straight up and off the door.

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