How to Remove Forester Door Panels

by Nichole Liandi

The Subaru Forester is a 4-door sport utility vehicle. You may find it necessary to remove the door panel for a variety of reasons, such as to repair a stuck window, or replace a window motor or door speaker. Since the door panels are not an integral part of the door, it's possible to remove and replace the door panel using simple tools and with a modest time investment.

Step 1

Pry around the edge of the trim surrounding the door release with a panel tool to loosen and remove the trim ring.

Step 2

Pry open a screw cover in the bottom of the door pull up on the armrest. Remove the Phillips screw located underneath.

Step 3

Pry up the switch panel with the power window buttons with a panel tool. Unplug the wiring harnesses and remove.

Step 4

Pry off the triangular sail panel at the top edge of the door panel.

Step 5

Pry around the edges of the door panel and release the clips behind the panel. Lift the panel off and remove it from the door.

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