How to Disable Crown Victoria Automatic Door Locks

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Later models of the Ford Crown Victoria (and Mercury Grand Marquis) are equipped with an autolock feature. This feature automatically locks the vehicle's doors when you move your gear selector out of Park. This feature is easy to disable and only takes a few minutes, according to the Crown Victoria owner's manual.

Step 1

Close all of the doors in your Crown Victoria and complete the following process in 30 seconds or less.

Step 2

Insert the key into your ignition and turn it to the "On" position, but do not crank the engine.

Step 3

Press the "Unlock" button on your driver's side door panel three times. Turn the ignition key back to the "Off" position.

Step 4

Press the "Unlock" button three times again. Turn the ignition key back to the "On" position. Listen for the beep.

Step 5

Press the "Unlock" button on your door once. Wait for the beep. Once you hear the beep, turn your ignition key to the "Off" position and remove it.

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