How to Remove a CD That Is Stuck in Vehicles

by Contributing WriterUpdated June 12, 2017

Compact discs can easily get stuck in your car CD player, no matter what kind of car you have, and the Vehicles is no different. The stock CD player on the Vehicles is similar to that found in many cars. When discs get stuck, it can be difficult to use your player properly or eject the discs without trouble. There are methods you can attempt to dislodge the CD without harming the music or the player.

Under The Hood:

 How to Remove a CD That Is Stuck in a 2005 Chevy Tahoe

Turn the key in the ignition to the "On" position then press and hold the "Eject" button on the CD player. Holding the button for up to three minutes will allow the player enough time to activate the ejecting track to try to force the disc out.

Press the "Power" button on and off as you hold the "Eject" button to try to confuse the system into pressing the disc out.

Reset the player by pressing the indented "Reset" button on the player's face. This will power the player down and reconfigure it, and the disc may pop out as a result. You must press the "Reset" button with a paper clip or a pen.

Insert the edge of a blank disc into the mouth of the CD player and attempt to lodge it underneath the stuck disc. Use the blank disc to push the stuck CD up into the ejecting track and press the "Eject" button, as you do so, to push the disc out of the player.

 How to Remove a CD Stuck in a Honda CRV

Depending on the year of your Honda CR-V, the CD player should have a small pin hole below the CD slot. If you own an upgraded SE, EX or EX-L Honda CR-V, your vehicle will have a 6 disc CD changer instead of the standard deck, and will not have a pin hole. This small hole acts as a way to release the catch that is holding the CD in place. Unbend a paperclip and insert it in the release hole. If it works, the CD should release immediately after pushing the paperclip all the way in.

Switch the ignition to the accessory position. Push and hold the eject button on the CD player for two minutes. Then, release the button and immediately press it again. Some CD players can be tricked into releasing the CD this way. If holding in the eject button does not work, try the same technique holding in both the eject button and power button on the CD player.

Wrap the metal end of a paint scraper in tape, with the sticky side of the tape facing up. Slide the paint scraper into the CD player slot and push up or down, trying to affix the tape to the stuck CD. If you feel that the tape is sufficiently stuck to the stuck CD, slowly pull the scraper out, hopefully with the CD attached.

Insert a pair of needle-nose pliers or tweezers into the CD slot, if room allows. Try and grab the edge of the CD and physically pull it out of the player. Be extremely careful, as the potential to scratch the CD is high using this technique.

Items you will need

  • Paperclip

  • Tape

  • Needle-nose pliers

  • Tweezers

  • Paint scraper

 How to Remove a CD That Is Stuck in a Jeep Cherokee

Enter your car and turn your ignition key to the "Acc" position to engage the CD player system.

Press and hold the "Eject" button on the system, or the "Eject" and "Power" buttons, for up to three minutes to attempt to force the CD out through the normal --- but extended --- process.

Press the "Reset" button on the face of the player to attempt to force the disc out as the player reconfigures itself. This button is a small black indentation and must be pressed with a pen or a paperclip.

Insert the tip of a blank disc into the player and attempt to lodge it underneath the stuck CD to push it up or down into the ejecting track as you hold the "Eject" button.

Items you will need

  • Paperclip or pen

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