How do I Remove a Stuck CD From a KIA Sportage?

by Matthew Fortuna
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The KIA Sportage features a stock CD player with a number of the model's top capabilities, but the player is not without its fault or problems. One common problem with the Sportage CD player occurs when a disc gets lodged or stuck in the player and will not eject. You can solve this problem through a number of specialized methods that will allow you to remove the stuck CD from the player without damaging the player.

Step 1

Turn your car to the "On" position and press and hold the "Eject" button on your KIA player. Hold the button for up to three minutes to attempt to force the disc out of the slot.

Step 2

Press and hold the "Eject" button and the "Power" button on the player at the same time for up to three minutes to attempt to force the disc out as the player powers up or down.

Step 3

Press the small black "Reset" button on the player to attempt to restart the player. This button is a small indentation on the face of the CD player that must be pushed with a pen or something of that size.

Step 4

Press and hold the "Eject" button as you attempt to slide an extra CD into the CD player slot. Try to slide the extra disc under the stuck disc to attempt to push it up into the eject slot as you hold the "Eject" button.

Step 5

Determine which fuse relates to the CD player. Remove it for at least ten minutes, without the key being in the ignition. You could also disconnect the battery, but that will wipe out any presets on your radio.

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