Mercedes CD Changer Problems

by Andrea Stein
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A CD changer in a Mercedes Benz CD player contains a magazine, or cartridge, that stores multiple CDs and enables the user to play them in any order. A Mercedes Benz CD player can develop operational problems which can often be resolved with some basic troubleshooting steps.

CD Changer Failure

If the Mercedes CD changer fails to function, a loose wiring connection may be to blame. Inspect the wiring harness, located under the dashboard, that attaches to the back of the CD changer and secure any loose or detached connections.

Empty Magazine

If the Mercedes CD changer displays a “magazine empty” message while storing one or multiple CDs, the changer may need to be reset. Check the glove box or trunk, depending on the year of the Mercedes, open the magazine door and depress the black button on the changer unit to reset the CD changer.

Disc Error

A “disc error” message from the Mercedes CD changer may result from a dirty laser lens in the player. Remove any dust or debris from the laser lens with a CD lens cleaner brush to resolve the disc error problem.

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