How to Fix Ford Focus 2007 CD Error

by Patrick Nelson
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Errors with the 2007 Ford Focus CD player can be related to ambiguous messages when playing CDs. Other problems can be related to the technical compatibility of Ford's CD players. Ford Focus CD units are designed to play commercially pressed 4.75-inch audio compact disks only. Other problems can include errors with ejection and skipping.

Step 1

Turn the key to the accessory position. Turn the Ford Focus radio's power on and off a couple of times.

Step 2

Replace the car radio circuit's fuse in the car's fuse block if the Ford car radio won't come on at all. Use a fuse of the same amperage rating.

Step 3

Press the button marked "CD." If there's a CD already loaded and the CD is of a type that's compatible with the Ford Focus, the CD will begin to play. Irregular shaped CDs, CDs with scratch protection films, and CDs with homemade paper labels will not play and may jam the CD player

Step 4

Press the "Eject" button to eject the CD. Try another CD. Use a store-bought CD.

Step 5

Press the button marked "CD" first before pressing "Repeat." The Repeat function will only repeat the current track when the equipment is in CD mode.

Step 6

Press the "Shuffle" button repeatedly to toggle between shuffle on and off.

Step 7

Check the display for unusual messages. "No CD" when you've pressed the "Eject" button, in fact simply means there isn't a CD in the slot. Other ambiguous messages can include "Select Slot" when you press the "Load" button. It means that you need to choose a CD changer slot, choose from 1 to 6. Same with ejecting; when you press "CD Eject" and the display reads "Select Slot," choose a CD slot you'd like to eject.

Step 8

Look for items touching the CD changer if there is one installed in the trunk. Sports equipment or shopping bags, for example, resting against the CD changer can cause vibration that can make the CDs skip.

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