How to Disable the Reverse Beep in a Toyota Prius

by Editorial Team

In the Toyota Prius, a hybrid vehicle that combines gasoline and electric technology, the engine turns off when the car stops. This can make drivers forget that the car will move if they push the accelerator. For safety purposes, the Prius sounds what some drivers find an annoying beep when in reverse. If you want to disable your Prius' beep, read the instructions below. This procedure only works on North American Prius models.

Step 1

Turn the car on by pushing the "Power" button. It should be in either "IG-ON" or "Ready" mode.

Step 2

Push the trip/odometer button until the dashboard displays "ODO" rather than "Trip A" or "Trip B."

Step 3

Turn off the car.

Step 4

Hold down the brake and turn the car back on. Wait for the "Ready" light to illuminate. Within 6 seconds, push and hold the trip/odometer button for at least 10 seconds.

Step 5

Continue depressing the trip/odometer button while you shift from "park" to "reverse" and back to "park." Release the trip/odometer button.

Step 6

Confirm that the trip/odometer displays "b on." Press the trip/odometer button until the display shows "b off." The display "b on" means "beep on," and the display "b off" means "beep off."

Step 7

Press the power button to turn off the car. Turn the car back on and put it in reverse to confirm that the reverse beep is actually disabled.

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