How to Troubleshoot the Air Conditioning in a Saturn Ion

by Editorial Team

Avoid a trip to the mechanic by trying to troubleshoot problems yourself in your Saturn Ion. While air conditioning problems are common, they are often quite simple to diagnose and even fix.

Step 1

Start the car and turn the air conditioning on. Allow the engine to run a few minutes so the air can cool. Check to make sure you have the proper buttons selected. This simple step may uncover the root of the problem.

Step 2

Adjust the climate controls. If they seem to work fine but have effect on the air, then the problem is probably a simple blown fuse. If the controls do not work correctly, then the problem is probably with the control panel. If you cannot hear the sound that accompanies turning the air from low to high, then the problem is likely with the blower motor.

Step 3

Pull on the accessory trim plate to release the retaining fasteners to get to the control panel. Disconnect the electrical connector. Remove the screws from the radio and pull the radio out. Disconnect the radio electrical connectors and remove the radio. Disconnect the mode and temperature cables from the HVAC control assembly. Disconnect the air conditioning control assembly electrical connectors. Unscrew and remove the control panel.

Step 4

Remove a broken blower motor. Find it right behind the bottom trim footwell panel. Unplug the electrical connection. Unscrew the cover and remove it. Remove the nuts and bolts holding the blower motor and fan in place and remove it too.

Step 5

Check the coolant levels. Lift the hood of the hood of the car and locate the coolant reservoir at the very front on the driver's side. Lift the cap and shine a flashlight inside the reservoir. Look into the side of the reservoir to make sure the coolant level is between the low level and full lines.

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