How to Reset the TrailBlazer Engine Light

by Katebo
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The engine or check engine light will illuminate on the control panel of your TrailBlazer when the vehicle needs routine maintenance, if there is a problem with its emissions control system or if the computer detects a change in engine performance. Take the vehicle to a mechanic or perform the necessary repairs yourself before resetting the engine light. The light must be reset manually.

Step 1

Pop the hood open and locate the fuse panel cover in the engine bay. Release the cover from its retaining clips by pulling it up. Locate and remove the "PCM IGN" and "PCM BAT" fuses. Look at the diagram on the fuse panel cover to locate the correct fuses.

Step 2

Wait at least 5 minutes. Turn the ignition off. Replace the two fuses and reinsert the fuse panel cover. Lower the hood.

Step 3

Start the vehicle to verify that the check engine light went off.

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