How to Reset Jeep Wrangler Codes

by Katebo

You can reset your Jeep Wrangler's trouble codes right in your driveway if you have a socket set. The engine control module (ECM, a type of computer) in the Wrangler keeps track of the engine and its sensors. Other sensors positioned throughout the vehicle keep track of other mechanical and electrical functions of the Wrangler. When the sensors detect an abnormality, the ECM sends a trouble code that illuminates a warning or service-required light on the Wrangler's instrument panel. Once you've had the Jeep repaired or serviced, you or your mechanic can reset the codes, shutting off the instrument panel warning light.

Open the Wrangler's hood and prop it up with the support bar.

Loosen the bolt on the negative battery clamp using a ratchet and socket. Don't let the negative cable clamp touch the positive terminal.

Wait 30 minutes for the computer to reset itself.

Put the negative battery clamp back onto the negative battery terminal and tighten the bolt.

Lower the hood. Put the key into the ignition and start the vehicle. Verify that all warning and service lights on the instrument cluster have shut off.

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