How to Troubleshoot the Air Conditioning in a Hyundai Sonata

by Editorial Team

Many car owners find themselves in the repair shops of the dealers during hot summer months trying to get air conditioning problems fixed. Save some time and money by trying to diagnose the problem yourself before making the trip to the dealer or mechanic.

Step 1

Listen for the blower fan to make sure it is working. With the engine on, turn on the air and adjust the pressure. The normal accompanying sound indicates the blower fan is working properly.

Step 2

Locate the blower motor in a Hyundai Sonata directly below the dashboard on the passenger side. Get to it by disconnecting the battery, removing the dashpad and removing the screws and bolts.

Step 3

Test the air conditioning controls to make sure they work properly, such as moving with right amount of resistance and stopping on the right places. If not, this will indicate a fuse problem.

Step 4

Find the fuse box in a Hyundai Sonata by opening the driver's door. The fuse box is directly behind the panel on the left side of the dashboard. Pry out the burnt fuse with a small pair of pliers. You need a 10 amp fuse.

Step 5

Look at the graphics display on the dashboard. If it is blank, or if the air flow controls do not work properly, the problem is in the control panel.

Step 6

Remove the trim panels on the passenger side, unscrew the four panel screws, and detach the cables from the controls. Unplug the electrical connector and remove the control panel.

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