How to Troubleshoot the Air Conditioning in a Saturn VUE

by Editorial Team

Avoid a trip to the mechanic by trying to troubleshoot air conditioning problems yourself in your Saturn Vue. Air conditioning problems can often be quite simple to diagnose and even fix.

Step 1

Start the engine and let it to run for a few minutes to allow the air to cool. Double check the controls to make sure the correct buttons are selected. This may seem simplistic, but human error could be to blame.

Step 2

Check for proper levels of coolant. The reservoir is located at the very front of the vehicle in a white plastic jug. Remove the cap of the reservoir and shine a flashlight into it. Look at the side of the container to make sure the level of coolant is between the full and low lines.

Step 3

Listen for the blower motor next. When properly working the sound should increase with increased air and decrease accordingly. The blower motor in a Saturn Vue is found by first removing the passenger side insulator panel. Unplug the electrical connector, remove the four screws and pull out the blower motor.

Step 4

Have a look at the control module if the temperature controls on the dashboard are not working properly. Set the parking break and move the gear shift to neutral. Starting at the front end pull the instrument bezel up. Unscrew and remove the storage compartment. Disconnect the temperature cable, the blower switch and the electrical connection. Unscrew the final screws and remove the control module.

Step 5

Replace a blown fuse if the climate controls seem to work but have no effect on the air. The fuse box is located on the passenger side of the instrument panel. Pry off the trim panel above the glove box to find the fuse.

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