How to Adjust a Chevy S10 Clutch

by Justin Cupler

The 1982 and 1983 Chevrolet S10 has a clutch cable as opposed to a hydraulic system. The clutch cable stretches slightly with age, leading to a low clutch pedal. The adjustment of the clutch cable on S10 pickups is done by a semi-automatic adjuster. The semi-automatic adjuster does the majority of the work, you only need to activate it. The process requires no tools to complete.

Open the driver's-side door and adjust the seat to the full-back position.

Grab the clutch pedal and pull it straight toward the driver's seat.

Press and release the clutch pedal three to five times to complete the adjustment process.

Start the S10 and test the feel of the clutch pedal. If problems still exist, there may be mechanical problems with the clutch or the linkages.

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