Bluetooth Installation for My Chrysler 300

by Tiffany Raiford
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Since the mid-2000s, Chrysler began including the Bluetooth phone connection as a standard feature in its 300-version models. The Bluetooth capability in the 300 is a convenient feature as well as a safety feature, enabling drivers to speak on their cell phones without ever taking their hands and eyes off the road. The phone rings through the 300's speakers. With the push of a button, located on the steering wheel, drivers can answer and make phone calls by simply speaking.

Step 1

Take your Bluetooth-capable cell phone and your car key and enter your Chrysler 300. Shut the door and turn on the ignition.

Step 2

Push the "Phone" button on the steering wheel. Wait for the car to beep and say out loud, "UConnect Setup." When the car beeps again, say "Phone Pairing." Wait for another beep and say "Pair a Phone."

Step 3

Listen and follow the instructions provided by your Chrysler 300, which will be spoken to you over the speakers. Create a four-digit pin number, say it out loud to your car and then enter it into your phone when prompted under the Bluetooth connection prompt. All phones are different, so you will need to refer to your phone's owner's manual.

Step 4

Create a name for your phone when the car asks for it. For example, you might say, "My Cell" or "Husband's Cell" to differentiate whose phone is in the car at any given time since seven phones can be paired at once.

Step 5

Set the importance of your phone, from a range of one to seven. One is the primary phone and the rest are secondary phones. Your car will instruct you when and how to do this.

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