How to Activate U-Connect on a Dodge Avenger

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
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U-Connect is a Bluetooth feature installed in Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles, including the Dodge Avenger. U-Connect allows drivers to make and receive calls without the use of their hands, decreasing the chances of an accident. Most, but not all, phones are compatible with the U-Connect system. See the Resources section below to determine if your phone is compatible before attempting to set it up.

U-Connect must be set up or paired with each phone you plan on using. The system does not require a customer or dealer "activation."

Step 1

Press the "Telephone" button on your Avenger's rear-view mirror. After listening to the prompt and introduction, speak "Set up Phone Pairing," and then speak "Pair a Phone" (after the beep).

Step 2

Create a four-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number). You'll use this PIN to establish a connection between your phone and your Avenger's U-Connect system. Speak the PIN clearly; the system will repeat the number back to you; verify it is correct.

Step 3

Turn on your phone's Bluetooth adapter. The specific instructions will vary depending on your phone, but generally the adapter is accessed through the "Settings" or "Connections" menu.

Step 4

Search for U-Connect via Bluetooth. In your Bluetooth menu, select "Pair" or "Setup" to establish a connection between your phone and your Avenger's U-Connect system. Select "U-Connect" and enter the PIN you created earlier.

Step 5

Name your phone. U-Connect will prompt you to speak a name used to identify your phone. This is for circumstances where more than phone will be used with the system.

Step 6

Set the priority level. If the phone you are setting up is the primary phone to be used with the system, set the priority level as "One." You can use numbers two through seven to establish a priority level for other phones.

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