How to Insert the Squared Symbol on an iPhone

by Carol Finch
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Although you can use your iPhone to create text, its keyboard functions are limited, and sometimes you need to find workarounds to do exactly what you want. For example, there is no obvious way to create a mathematical squared symbol on your iPhone's keyboard, but you can insert one by using the dictation feature or by copying and pasting from a website. Plus, if you ever want to square a number, your iPhone has a hidden scientific calculator that you may find useful.

Dictate a Squared Symbol

A squared symbol is the number "2" in a superscript font. Your iPhone recognizes some superscript commands in dictation mode, allowing you to create this symbol by speaking into your handset. Tap the "Dictation" microphone on the keyboard. Say the words "superscript two" into your iPhone and select "Done." Your iPhone should convert the text into a squared symbol. You may need a couple of tries to get this right as you must hit the right speed of speech -- not too fast and not too slow -- and speak clearly.

Copy and Paste a Squared Symbol

Type "squared symbol" into the Safari search box. Look for a site that shows the symbol and open it. Tap and hold down the symbol until it is highlighted and tap "Copy." Return to the app in which you need the symbol, tap and hold down on the screen and select "Paste." If you use the symbol regularly, add this copy as a keyboard shortcut. Open "Settings," "General" and then "Keyboard." Tap "Shortcuts," the "+" sign and paste the symbol into the "Phrase" field. Type a shortcut prompt -- for example, "2x" (without quotation marks) -- into "Shortcut" and select "Save." Now, whenever you type the prompt, the squared symbol is made available as an automatic option above your keyboard.

Square a Number on Your IPhone

Although your iPhone's calculator may look basic, you can turn it into a scientific model with formula functions by switching to landscape mode. To do this, turn your iPhone sideways and the calculator switches modes. Simply key your number into the calculator, tap the "X Squared" symbol and your iPhone makes the calculation for you. If the screen does not rotate when you turn your phone, that means rotation is locked. Swipe up to bring up the Control Center and find the toggle button with a padlock icon with an arrow around it. This locks and unlocks rotation mode.

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