How to Program Your Kenwood Car Stereo

by Patrick Nelson

Kenwood car stereos no longer simply pick up AM and FM radio and include a compact disk (CD) or cassette player. They can now include hands-free phoning using Bluetooth short-range radio; iPod connections; high definition (HD) radio and satellite add-ons; and remote control transmitters. Programming isn’t just a case of presetting the radio frequencies any more. When you first use your newly installed Kenwood car stereo, some programming will be required.

Step 1

Program the cabin selection. You can compensate for the delay of the sound arrival time. Select Sound, and then Setup, and then Cabin. Turn the control knob to scroll between car types like Full Size Car or SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle). Press the center of the control knob when your car type is displayed.

Step 2

Program the speaker setting. You can compensate for the size and location of the speaker. Select Sound, and then Setup, and then Speaker. Turn the Control Knob to scroll between speaker sizes and locations like door, on-dash and under dash for the front speaker location and 4-inch, 5-inch and so on for the size. Press the center of the Control Knob when your speaker location or speaker size is displayed.

Step 3

Program the other sound settings. Use the same concept and procedure to program an equalizer curve for the type of music you listen to, for example, choose rock or jazz.

Step 4

Program your Bluetooth device. You need to pair your cell phone with the Kenwood car stereo to take advantage of hands-free calling. Turn on the control unit and place your phone into Bluetooth search mode. Check the User Guide which came with your phone for details. Select the Kenwood when it shows on your phone’s display. Enter the PIN code sent on the phone. Alternatively, pair the Kenwood with your phone. Select Device Register from the Kenwood’s Menu. Press the Control knob for at least a second. The Kenwood will search for your phone. Input the PIN code the phone sends by turning the control knob and pushing it to select numbers. Press the Control Knob for at least a second to send the PIN to the phone. “Pairing Success” should appear on the display. Press the knob again to exit the Bluetooth programming.

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