How to Program a Keyless Remote in a 2002 LeSabre

by Robert Moore

Some manufacturers have chosen to include an on-board programming feature to allow car owners to use a keyless entry remote. Other car makers have decided that it is better to leave keyless-remote programming to the professionals. Your 2002 LeSabre is on the list of vehicles that require a scanner to program the key fobs -- specifically a Tech-II scanner from GM or another high-end scanner available from major tool companies.


A lot of sources online offer a way to program your remote by shorting two terminals in your LeSabre's data link connector. Attempting this method will not work and may inadvertently damage the powertrain control module or body control module.

Programming the Remote


  • The procedure described here is based on GM's Tech-II scanner system. If you're using another scanner with programming capability, refer to the owner's manual for instructions.

  • Scanners with programming capabilities are expensive. Check with your local parts stores to see if it offers a rental option.

  • If you cannot locate a scanner, try contacting a local locksmith before going to a dealer -- locksmiths often have the correct tools, can come to you and offer competitive prices.

Set up the Scanner

Look under your dash, toward the bottom of the lower finish panel and find the 16-pin female connector. Plug the end of the scanner's cord into the plug, then turn the ignition key to the β€œOn” position. Input the year, make and model of the vehicle, as well as the engine size.


Starting the next step will erase all previous programming for the keyless entry system. Have all of the remotes you intend to use readily available before continuing. Your LeSabre can have up to four remotes programmed at one time.

Navigate to the Programming Feature

Navigate to the "Special Functions" menu, then select "Remote Function Actuation." Listen for the doors to lock and unlock to confirm you're in programming mode.

Program the Remote

Press and hold the lock and unlock button on your key fob for at least 15 seconds. The doors will lock and unlock when the transmitter frequency has been programmed. Wait five seconds, then repeat this step for the remaining remotes. Navigate back to the scanner's home screen, turn the ignition off and disconnect the scanner. Test for proper operation of the key fobs.

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