How to Reboot the BCM on My 2001 Saturn L Series

by Kyle Sanstrom

The body control module (BCM) on a 2001 Saturn L-Series sedan controls the vehicle functions -- not related to the powertrain. These include the interior and exterior lights, door chimes, and the keyless entry system. When the BCM detects a problem with one of these systems, it stores a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) in its memory and turns on the "Service Vehicle" light in the gauge cluster. The BCM reboots once all of the DTCs are cleared from its internal memory. An automotive scan tool must be used to access the BCM's memory and clear the DTCs.

Step 1

Shift the Saturn's transmission into park or first gear (manual) and turn off the engine. Set the parking brake and turn the ignition switch back to the "On" position.

Step 2

Plug a scan tool into the Saturn's diagnostic data port. This port is located underneath the dashboard area just above the brake and gas pedals.

Step 3

Turn on the scan tool and wait a moment for it to boot up. Select "BCM" from the main screen. Choose the "Codes" option from the BCM menu. Select "Clear all current and stored DTCs."

Step 4

Wait for the scan tool to indicate that the codes are cleared. Disconnect the scan tool from the vehicle and start the engine. Check to make sure that the "Service Vehicle" light is no longer illuminated.

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