How to Switch a Nissan Maxima Back to Fahrenheit on the Display

by Deanne Lachner
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Nissan's Maxima vehicle information display feature offers the driver information including the vehicle's average speed, average miles per gallon, time and distance driven, the distance driven during a specific trip, the time, and the temperature. The display's measurements are offered in both English and metric measurements, allowing you to choose which one you like; the process varies based on model year, so try one of the two methods described here or locate the owner's manual for your vehicle.

2005 Nissan Maxima

Step 1

Locate the vehicle control panel above the sound system.

Step 2

Look for the "E/M" button, which is located near the bottom right-hand side of the control panel's buttons, below the "Trip Reset" button.

Press the "E/M" button to toggle the display between English and metric. If your temperature is currently showing in degrees Celsius (°C), you are in the metric mode. Press "E/M" once to change to English measurement. Your temperature display will now appear in degrees Fahrenheit (°F).

2010 Nissan Maxima

Step 1

Locate the vehicle information display found at the bottom of the speedometer. Watch this screen as you complete the following steps.

Step 2

Press the button that has two small squares on it found on the instrument panel just behind the steering wheel. Continue to press this button as the information display goes through its different display modes and finally shows the screen with "Setting" at the top.

Step 3

Press the button with the small circle on it (you'll find this just next to the small squares button on the instrument panel) until the word "Options" is highlighted on the display.

Step 4

Press the squares button to enter the Options menu. Press the circle button until the word "Language" is highlighted. Press the squares button again to enter the Language menu. Select "English" by pressing the circles button until "English" is highlighted and then pressing the squares button.

Exit the menu by selecting "Back" until the settings menu no longer shows. Your vehicle information show now display the temperature (when selected) in degrees Fahrenheit (°F) rather than in degrees Celsius (°C).

Pre-2005 Nissan Maximas

Step 1

Navigate your Internet browser to the Nissan Manuals & Guides website (see Resources). This site offers manuals for Maximas from the years 2006 through 2010.

Step 2

Use the arrows to scroll down to "Maxima" and then use the next arrow to select the model year.

Step 3

Click "Owner's Manual" (a PDF) just below the name of your vehicle. Download the manual to your computer.

Open the owner's manual PDF and type the word "metric" in the search bar at the top of the window. This step takes you directly to the page that explains how to toggle between English and metric settings for your vehicle.

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