How to Reprogram a Car Alarm Remote

by Matthew Fortuna

An accessory with ever-growing popularity, car remotes are becoming more and more widely used by drivers every year. With short battery lives and small pieces, though, they do tend to break or stop working and require reprogramming.

Step 1

Put your key into your vehicle's ignition, and turn the key to the "On" position, which is two clicks to the right and one short of starting the car.

Step 2

Press the "Override" button on your car alarm remote five times consecutively. The siren will emit a short beep, and the lights on the car will flash on.

Step 3

Press the "Lock" button on your remote control to program that remote with your alarm.

Step 4

Press the "Lock" button on your other remotes to program them as well. Most systems have four slots available for locking. If you have four remotes, program all four. If you have fewer, program them more than once so that all four slots are programmed.

Step 5

Turn your key to the "Off" position, and remove it from the ignition to end the programming sequence. Test your remotes to see if the programming was successful.

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