How to Program Scion Key FOBs

by Matthew Fortuna
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Scion vehicles made since 2000 are like many other vehicles around the world in that they offer keyless entry capabilities. This technology, programmed wirelessly from your driver's seat, allows you to use a hand-held remote for your convenience and the security of your car. You can program the remotes yourself with just your ignition key, using no professional equipment or past experience.

Step 1

Enter your car with your driver's door open, and insert and remove your key from the ignition twice.

Step 2

Close and open your driver's door twice, insert and remove the key from the ignition again, and close and open the driver's door two more times.

Step 3

Insert your key, close the driver's door, cycle your ignition key "On" and "Off,' and then remove the key.

Step 4

Wait for the locks to automatically click on and off, and then press and hold the "Lock" and "Unlock" buttons simultaneously on your key fob for 3 seconds.

Step 5

Release both buttons, and then press and release one button. Wait for the locks to click again, and the programming will be completed with your remote. You can then open your driver's door to end the programming sequence.

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