How to Disable a Keyless Car Remote

by Matthew Fortuna
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Keyless entry remotes have become almost standard on practically every automobile around the world. These remotes can be used to control your door locks, activate your trunk release and sound your car's panic alarm, all from a couple of hundred feet away. While you can program your remote from your car's driver's seat, you can also disable it if you need to sync a new set or if you are worried about losing the remote.

Step 1

Enter your car, open the driver's-side door, unlock the door and close all the other doors on the car.

Step 2

Insert and remove the key from the ignition twice, and close and open the driver's-side door twice.

Step 3

Insert and remove the key from the ignition again, close and open the driver's-side door two more times, then insert the key into the ignition again.

Step 4

Close the driver's-side door again, cycle the key to "On" and then back to "Off," and then remove the key from the ignition.

Step 5

Wait for the locks to cycle to indicate that the programming sequence is open. This is the time when you would normally program your remote. Doing nothing here will leave the transmitter unprogrammed and the remote inactive. You can open the driver's-side door to end the sequence and complete the disabling of the remote.

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