How to Program Volkswagen Key Fobs

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Most Volkswagen vehicles use "switchblade" keys and key fobs. The process for programming these remotes is the same, no matter what Volkswagen model you have. You must have at least one programmed key fob to program another one to your Volkswagen; if you don't, visit your local dealer for options.

Step 1

Insert the key you want to program into the ignition. Turn it to the "On" position, but do not crank the engine.

Step 2

Step out of your Volkswagen and close the driver's door. Insert your primary key into the door lock; turn it to the right to manually lock the door. Remove the key.

Step 3

Press the "Unlock" button on the key fob. Wait one second, and then press the "Unlock" button again.

Step 4

Turn the ignition off and remove the key. The key fob will now be programmed to the vehicle.

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