Problems With Remote Starts on Chryslers

by Horacio Garcia
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Remote starting a Chrysler has become a common feature on the new models, but many Chrysler owners are experiencing problems with the remote start in the Pacifica, Dodge Durango and Sebring, according to the Car Complaints website. Since remote starts have been introduced into the Chrysler line of vehicles problems have occurred and most of those problems are discussed in the owners manual that comes with the automobile. A Chrysler owner must look at this manual before taking it to the dealership because the problem may be something simple.

Remote Start in Cold Weather

Most Chrysler owners find problems with the remote starts in cold weather, according to Car Complaints. The remote start makes the vehicle honk the horn twice notifying the owner that the automobile is going to start-up. Many times in cold weather environments, the Chrysler owners only get one honk of the vehicle without the car starting and complain about this reoccurring problem. Chrysler notifies owners that the remote start does not work if the voltage is low in the car battery. When the weather is cold the battery on every automobile reduces the longer the car sits without being started and the alternator recharging the battery to its typical voltage.

Key Starting the Chrysler

A Chrysler needs to be started with the key periodically as part of the safety feature of the remote start mechanism. The manufacturer's owner manual explains that the remote start will not work until the car is started with the key every once in a while. This feature was built into the remote start mechanism to ensure that the automobile owner is the one who is utilizing the remote start on the Chrysler.


The remote start mechanism has a battery inside the handheld device that needs to be replaced periodically. When the Chrysler owner pushes the remote start button and does not even get one honk of the car horn, they should try the other buttons on the handheld device to see if the car unlocks remotely or the remote trunk button works. If none of the remotes work, then the battery may be to blame and should be replaced.


Many times the remote start needs to be reprogrammed because the Chrysler owner dropped the handheld device. This can only be done by the dealership, but the automobile still operates with the use of the keys. If a Chrysler owner finds that they have to stand closer to the vehicle for the remote start to work or they have to point the remote start directly at the automobile to ensure that the device is working, then there may be a problem with the signal. The receiver located on the vehicle is the most likely culprit of this remote start problem. If the signal is the remote starting problem, the Chrysler needs to be taken to the dealership.

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