Problems With the Horn on a PT Cruiser

by Jake Reed

The PT Cruiser is a model produced by Chrysler Corporation. It is a small multi-purpose vehicle and has been available since the year 2000. While popular, it has its share of mechanical problems.

Ever Honking Horn

One issue with the horn involves the electronic key chain that opens and locks the door. Sometimes, after locking the car from the outside, the horn starts up and doesn't stop. This is as opposed to the gentle beep that tells you your car is safely locked. This problem is due to the key chain not working properly.

Hard to Find Horn Button

Another issue involves the horn not working or only working when pressed on the steering wheel. Troubleshooters also often find that the horn will only work if it is hit with a lot of force in certain areas. This is cited as one of the more common problems with the 2006 model.

Dead Horn

Some cases report the horn just giving out completely, even when the alarm sounds. This is because of the electrical connector becoming loose or detached. The relevant switch can be found inside the steering wheel.

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