How to Program a 479V Blue 4-Button 2-Way Remote

by Mandy Slake

Viper car alarms use a four-button transmitter for functions such as locking and unlocking the car doors and remote ignition. If your transmitter is lost or damaged, you can purchase a replacement remote transmitter. Before you can start using the new remote, you must program it. Once the remote is programed and paired to the car alarm, you can set additional programming settings by entering the remote's programming menu.

Step 1

Plug the "Valet/Program" switch on your Viper system into the blue port on the housing.

Step 2

Open the door and turn the ignition key to the "On" position.

Step 3

Press the "Valet/Program" switch once for systems with remote start, seven times for systems without remote start. You must enter the button presses within five seconds of turning on the ignition. On the final press, hold down the switch. The LED on the remote will flash the same number of times, and the horn or siren will chirp.

Step 4

Press the button on the transmitter you want to assign to the channel. The horn or siren will chirp again.

Step 5

Release the "Valet/Programming" switch and turn off the ignition.

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