How to Program a HomeLink With a LiftMaster Transmitter

by Matthew Fortuna
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HomeLink systems are popular in cars around the world. These onboard remote systems are used to control a number of different features, including gate openers and garage doors. You can program the HomeLink system in your car almost universally to most brands of openers, including LiftMaster garage doors. The programming sequence can be completed in just minutes from your driver's seat and have you ready to access the system right away.

Step 1

Enter your car and turn your ignition key to the "ACC" position. Be sure to have your LiftMaster handheld remote with you.

Step 2

Press and hold the two outer buttons on the HomeLink system until the LED light on the system starts blinking.

Step 3

Hold your LiftMaster remote two inches away from the HomeLink system and hold the Open button on your remote and the button you would like to program on your HomeLink system.

Step 4

Release the two buttons when the LED light on the HomeLink system starts to flash more rapidly.

Step 5

Press and hold the "Training" button on the onboard system until the LED light stops blinking and the programming will be completed.

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