How to Program the Garage Opener on a Cadillac Escalade

by Colin Rowe

Many car companies, including Cadillac, fit their latest models with remote sensors that replace the handheld version that came with the garage door. This optional extra is incredibly useful and a must for the security conscious. They are easy to program for any automated garage.

Park close to the garage doors. Hold the two outside buttons on the car's remote for a few seconds to reset the factory codes.

Hold the original door remote close to the system. Simultaneously press the "Door Open" button on the remote and the button you wish to program on the Cadillac system. A blinking red light indicates programming has been completed.

Release both buttons.

Leave the garage for a few seconds, and the lights should go out completely.

Test the system. Repeat the steps if it was not successful.


  • Put fresh batteries in the handheld remote to ensure the best connection.

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