How to program a Ford Explorer garage remote

by Matthew Fortuna
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The Ford Explorer is one of a variety of vehicles manufactured by Ford that features an overhead console with remote programming capabilities. You can program your on-board system to your garage opener or gate opener in just minutes from your vehicle. The programming requires only your opener remote and will have the system ready to use immediately. After programming, you can reset your system as often as you would like using the same programming method for the garage or the gate.

Step 1

Press and hold the two outer buttons on your on-board system for up to 20 seconds until the indicator light on the system begins blinking.

Step 2

Hold your remote three inches away from the on-board system, and press and hold the open button on the garage or gate opener remote and the button you are programming on the system.

Step 3

Release the buttons once the indicator light begins flashing more rapidly.

Step 4

Press and hold the "Training" button on your on-board system until the indicator light begins to glow solid. At this point, release the "Training" button to end the programming sequence for your overhead console.

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