How to Program a Jeep Door Opener

by Elizabeth Grace
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One of the many conveniences of the newer Jeep vehicles is the built-in garage door opener or Homelink system. This system allows you to program your garage door opener into your Jeep so that you never have to worry about losing it again. However, it's only a convenience once it's set up. If you purchased a Jeep without the instruction manual or lost the instructions and have a new home or a new garage door opener, follow these simple steps to program your Jeep garage door opener.

Step 1

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Sit in your Jeep with the engine off. Press the first and third buttons on your Homelink system at the same time and hold them down for 20 seconds. The electronic vehicle information center (EVIC) will display "Clearing Channels." As soon as the message changes to "Channels Cleared," release the buttons.

Step 2

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Select one of the three Homelink buttons to train. Your Homelink system can hold up to three garage door codes. Hold the garage door remote 1 to 3 inches away from your EVIC, and press the selected Homelink button and the garage door remote button simultaneously. The EVIC will display "Training." When the training is successfully completed, the message will change to "Trained," and you will hear a beep.

Step 3

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To train additional Homelink buttons to open other garage doors, repeat step two.

Step 4

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If your training is unsuccessful, your garage door opener has a rolling code for security and requires additional training steps. Go to the garage door motor and find the "Smart" or "Learn" button, usually located near the antenna. Press the button, and immediately return to your Jeep and press down the Homelink button that you programmed for two seconds. Release the Homelink button, and then press it and hold it down for two seconds again and release it. At this point, the Homelink system may be programmed, but some brands of garage door openers require a third press and release, so press it down a third time for two seconds, and then let it go.

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