How to Enable a Viper Car Alarm

by Patrick Nelson
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Viper car alarms have multiple levels of arming. Active, passive and multi-level arming can be enabled. Active arming means the alarm is enabled with the remote control. Passive arming is done by the installer who programs the alarm to activate itself automatically. Multi-level security arming enables certain security system inputs or sensors while bypassing others at the time the system is armed. Enabling your Viper alarm for any of these three scenarios is simple.

Step 1

Enable the active arming. Press the locked padlock icon on your remote control for one second. You will hear a short siren sound or chirp, and the parking lights will flash once. The doors will lock. The Viper alarm is enabled.

Step 2

Disarm the alarm by pressing the unlocked padlock icon on the remote control. You will hear two chirps, and the parking lights will flash twice. The doors will unlock.

Step 3

Enable the passive arming if it has been programmed by your installer. Turn the ignition off then exit the vehicle and close the door. The Viper alarm will count down. The system will chirp at 20 seconds to warn you it is about to arm and will then arm at 30 seconds.

Step 4

Enable multi-level arming. Press the locked padlock icon again within five seconds of arming. Press the locked padlock icon multiple times. Each press will select a different zone's security level or bypass it. Your installer should advise you which zones relate to which parts of your car as it is a customized installation feature.

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