How to Change Door Lock Code on a Lincoln Navigator

by Josh Baum

Most newer Lincoln Navigators have an all-weather keypad under the driver's side exterior door handle that can be used to unlock the doors without a key. There can only be two valid codes for the keypad: one is the factory code, which cannot be changed, and the other is a personal code, which can be changed at any time. These instructions detail how to set or change the personal code.

Step 1

Make sure you know the factory-programmed door lock code. Check the original documentation that came with the vehicle or look at the right-side gas spring arm on the rear hatch door. In both places, you should see small white labels with the same five-digit factory code printed on them.

Step 2

Enter the factory-programmed five-digit code on the exterior keypad.

Step 3

Press the "1-2" button on the keypad within five seconds of entering the last digit of the factory-programmed code. This initiates the code-setting mode for the personal code.

Step 4

Enter your preferred five-digit code number. Make sure that you hit each button within at least five seconds of hitting the one before it, otherwise the code-setting mode will auto-cancel.

Step 5

Watch and listen for the door locks to lock and then unlock in fast succession after you've entered the last digit of your personalized code. This is the signal that the new code was accepted.

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