How to Change the Keyless Entry Code for a Ford Escape

by Jennifer Habersham

Most Ford Escapes, as well as many Ford vehicles, come with keyless entry. Keyless entry allows the driver to lock and unlock the Escape without using a key. Before an Escape leaves the Ford factory, a default keyless entry code is installed. This entry code is permanent. However, Ford Escape owners can program a second keyless entry code into the keypad. The second code can be changed as often as the owner likes. Both codes will work at the same time.

Step 1

Enter the permanent keyless entry code on the numeric keypad. The keypad is located on the driver's door, just under the handle. Each Ford Escape has a permanent keyless entry code, which acts as a default. If you do not know the permanent keyless entry code, check your user manual, or look for the code printed on the fuse box on the passenger side.

Step 2

Press the number 1 on the keypad. Enter your new keyless entry code immediately. All entry codes must consist of five numbers.

Step 3

Press the number 1 and listen for the sound of the doors being locked. If you hear nothing, repeat the process. Once the new keyless entry code is entered, it, along with the permanent keyless entry code, will unlock and lock the vehicle.

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